Festive Hampers & Gifts

When it comes to Christmas hampers and gifts, we’ve got it covered.




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Nonna Eusebi’s Cucina Essentials Box

Eusebi Apron*

Eusebi Pasta Sauce

Eusebi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (750ml)

La Molisana Conchiglie Pasta Shell

* Display purposes only, colour subject to change




Breakfast Like An Italian

Trio Breramilano 1930 Pannetone

Biscotti (90g)

De Roccis Ground Coffee (250g)

2 x Eusebi Cups & Saucers





Coffee Hamper

Panforte (300g)

I Siciliani Torrone (150g)

Muzzi Artisan Chocolate Spread (350g)

Mini Pannetone (80/100g)


De Roccis Coffee (250g)

2 Eusebi Expresso Cups & Saucers




Sicilian Christmas

Donnafugata Nero D’Avola

Donnafugata Grill “Sur Sur”

I Siciliani Torrone (150g)

I Siciliani Chocolates (200g)

I Siciliani Almond Milk (500ml)

I Siciliani Tocchetti de Torrone (85g)

I Siciliani Cioccolatini Ripieni (130g)

I Siciliani Designer Chocolate Tin








This years must have Italian fizz. Ages for 2 years in the method of champagne.

Franciacorta is only drunk at special events and is the go to wine for Armani and La Scala in Milan.

Notes of white flowers and ripe fruit with subtle hints of vanilla.









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