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Excitement is building as we look forward to opening at our new location on Gibson Street. As the opening date draws nearer we are seeking the right people to make our new deli just as inviting as our Shettleston one.

italy trip 3Having a real devotion for fresh produce and Italian cuisine has been at the core of Eusebi Deli since day one. Like any Italian family, food is simply a way of life for us. It’s all about creating that perfect dish for someone, making them feel welcome and part of the family.

Our team need to be committed to passing on that same passion and inspiration which is why we share it in all of our training and development.

Giving every member of our team the right support and training is important to everyone at Eusebi Deli. Whether it be taking chefs to Rome to experience how to make a real authentic pizza, or training our front of house staff with some world class customer service tips from restaurant managers in London, we want to make sure that everyone has the same level of passion and support in what we do.

If you think you have the right talent, skills or potential and want to be part of something special, then join our ever growing family here at Eusebi Deli! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you are would like to apply please get in touch here.

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