Takeaway TWO Pinsa for just £12!

Yes, that’s right, at Eusebi’s it’s Pinsa not Pizza and right now you can takeaway TWO for just £12!

Unlike traditional pizza, our pinsa is a hand-stretched oval shape, measuring approximately 10inches in length and packed with artisan toppings. Read on to find out more about the key difference between pinsa and pizza.

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What exactly is “pinsa” you ask?

The pinsa is an ancient Roman recipe, in fact it’s even older than its famous cousin the pizza; but the dough, the mixture and the way it leaves you feeling are very different.


What are the main differences between the pizza and the pinsa?

Here are the key features to classify a real pinsa:
  • Low fat and low calorie – 75% water content and low olive oil content
  • Easily digestible – due to the 72-hour proving technique, so it’s light but filling
  • Low acidity – Ph value of 5.5, so it neutralises in your stomach, meaning no bloat!
  • Texture – crispy edges but soft inside with lots of air pockets
  • GMO free – soybean, wheat, rice and sourdough flour blend
  • Shape – it’s oval not circular

Ancient Roman gastronomy meets molecular physiology

The pinsa is low-fat, low-calorie and easy to digest. Part of the scientific processing technique is the minimum 72-hours proving process at a controlled temperature, a hydration of 75%-80% (fewer calories) and the low content of olive oil (less fat), and unlike traditional pizza, the pinsa will not complete its proving during the digestive process, which means you don’t experience bloating afterwards – on top of all that, it tastes delicious – it’s a win-win really.


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