Novello Dinner Event

The event…

Join us on the second Sunday of November for a special evening to celebrate ‘Novello’ – the birth of the new wine. This is when many cellars in Italy open to wine lovers for an exceptional tasting of the first wine produced in the vilification calendar.

When: Sunday 13th November 5.30pm
Where: Eusebi’s 152 Park Road
Price: £30 per head (discount available for groups of 8+)

The wine…

The wine of the evening will be “Novello” from  Terrazze Della Luna which is made exclusively from Teroldego grapes, grown in Trentino for many centuries.  A lively fruity wine with good balance on the plate, drunk slightly chilled.

The history…

From the end of October until the beginning of November throughout Italy, from the north to the south, festivals and feasts have the same denominator: New wine (The Novello). The New wine production covers almost the entire national territory, islands included, and Novello is usually made with red grapes.

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