From the Forno…

Loosely translated, ‘al forno’ means food that has been baked in an oven. One of the most popular oven baked dishes from Italy enjoyed all over the world is the pizza, which has its own great history.

Originally called Pinza in Ancient Roman times, this dish literally translated means squashed or crushed. At Eusebi’s we have made it our mission to recreate the original Pinza with our own take on this.

Essentially our Pinsa’s are like slightly smaller versions of regular pizzas, more like an individual pizza pie. You are welcome to enjoy this as a tasty snack for one with plenty of great flavours to choose from. All our Pinsas are baked fresh each day and we use only the best Italian mixtures of flour; a blend of soybean, wheat, rice and sourdough flour, creating the perfect GMO free dough.

We make our Pinsa’s by allowing the pizza dough to rise for 72 hours to create a uniquely crispy edge. Soft on the inside and packed with flavour, this oval shaped pizza style dish is low in fat but big on taste.

Here are some of the best flavours you can enjoy from the forno:



One of our most popular Pinsa’s, simple but packed full of fresh flavours like tomato and peppers along with Roman cured meat called guanicale and Pecorino cheese.



For those who love a little bit of everything, our Toscano Pinsa ticks all the boxes. Topped with mozzarella, onion, Italian sausage, chilli and potato, this fiery and filling dish is sure to satisfy your tastebuds.



If you prefer to keep it simple, the Napolitano Pinsa is the flavour for you. With more traditional toppings like tomato, basil and Buffalo mozzarella help to make this pinsa the classic taste.

In addition to this selection we have different flavours of mini Pinsa’s freshly baked and available everyday on our deli counter to takeaway from just £3! Pop by to see what mouth-watering morsels we have in store for you!

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