A very special one-off night at Eusebi’s

One good turn results in ‘Eusebocca’

At Eusebi’s, we’ve always believed in helping others; in fact, it’s very much part of the family’s culture that is evident throughout the whole business and in the people working with us.  We don’t do this for any other reason than the fact that it is right to do so, but it is extremely rewarding when the sequence of events we are about to share result in such an exciting and hotly anticipated event.

For one evening only, Jacob Kenedy – chef and creative director of the award winning trattoria Bocca di Lupo – will join forces with owner Giovanna Eusebi to celebrate Italian cuisine in Glasgow.

The renowned trattoria Bocca di Lupo is located in the heart of London’s Soho. Favoured by celebrities, food critics and the business community, it is the first independent restaurant venture by Jacob Kenedy and partner Victor Hugo. The restaurant’s buzzing vibrant atmosphere combined with award winning menu has resulted in massive popularity since the launch in late 2008.


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So, how did this London-Glasgow partnership come about?


To explain, it is probably best to use Jacob Kenedy’s actual account of the events that led to this one-off special night in Glasgow:

“Eight 1/2 years ago, when Bocca first opened, a chap called David was having an early dinner at the counter and noticed my chef, Davo, looking very stressed – he asks why, and is told this dish, the shaved radish and celeriac salad, has gone viral and we are renowned for it. The thing is, a function of 30 people has ordered it in the private room and Davo didn’t order enough celeriac for them, and has run out and doesn’t know what to do – he’s stuck at the pass during service, and all his staff are busy.

‘Worry not’ says David – I’ll pop out and get some. So halfway through his own meal he jumps off his bar stool and off he trots. He comes back an hour later, dripping sweat with a Fortnum’s bag full of celeriac – he went to John Lewis food hall, M&S, the co-op, and Selfridges for us, before finally tracking down the elusive vegetable at Fortnum’s.  Davo, relieved to the point of near-collapse, thanks him, says he’ll deduct the cost from his bill, and disappears downstairs to make the salad for the function. David finishes his meal, pays and leaves.

Davo told me this story the day after – neither of us could believe how gallant our knight in shining armour was, nor had any idea who he was, nor why he had been so lovely.

Fast-forward eight years, and I receive a celeriac in Fortnum’s wrapping for Christmas, followed by a phone call.  David is surprised to learn I remember the event. I am surprised to learn Davo never even refunded him for the celeriac eight years before, more surprised still that he helps out an Italian restaurant and deli in Glasgow called Eusebi’s.

To thank him for the celeriac and to celebrate Italian culture in Glasgow, I am cooking a meal at Eusebi’s”.

It’s a wonderful story that amply demonstrates what can happen when we help one another, we hope you can join us for what promises to be a fabulous celebration friendship and Italian cuisine in Glasgow – we’ve named it, ‘Eusebocca’.


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Eusebi’s owner, Giovanna Eusebi, is delighted to welcome you all on the 8th April, here’s what she has to say about the evening, Although Bocca di Lupo and Eusebi’s are at opposite ends of the country, what links us is the drive for authenticity and a respect for the diversity and tradition of Italian food. The opportunity to work with Jacob is a meeting of like minds and souls.”

How to book?

Eusebocca will take place on 8th April, from 7pm. Tickets are priced at £65pp for five courses, including wine pairings, and available from Eusebi’s on 0141 648 9999 on a first come first serve basis.


Eusebi’s, 152 Park Road, Glasgow, G4 9HP


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